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10:00 A.M. March 6, 2014


Mary Nuthals

Pam Eriksen

Curt Beck

Mark Holland

Dee Bare

         Purpose of this meeting is to address the diseased & dying Coconut Palm Trees.  It was decided to have SSN buy the replacement plants at wholesale pricing (a courtesy extended to S. Friemann) and use our in house staff to plant them. 

         After presenting Photos of prospective plant material and visiting 4 different nurseries it was decided to do a trial planting around the garden pool with 7 Field Grown Christmas Palms and three 25 gal. Foxtail Palms in front of 3 Garden units.  This basically for residents to visually see the plant material selected for the entire project.

         The complete project involves the removal of  approximately  43 diseased coconut palms; grinding down their stumps to below the ground area and strategic placing of new plants for maturity in the future.  These plants grow relatively fast, however in the beginning they will look somewhat on the small side compared to the plants being removed.

          By using our in house staff, the cost factor will be 1/3  of what a  Landscape Contractor would charge.  Hopefully we may be able to complete the Project all at once instead of in phases.

         A vote was taken and it was  unanimously approved to proceed with the trial planting now and depending on finances; ultimately the entire replacement program this summer.

                                             Respectfully Submitted,

                                             Sandy Friemann

Landscape Committee Report - 2/11/14 - 10:00AM - SSN Chickee

Present:  Sandy Friemann, Pam Eriksen, Jim Kelly, Dee Bare, Mary Nuthals, Curt Beck, Mark Holland & Don Capotorto

Summary:  Good general status, more monitoring of the Landscapers, better turf and healthier plantings.

Coconut Palms are afflicted by white fly & lethal yellowing and are nearing the end of normal lifespan.   Will price gradual replacement of 43 coconut palms with less susceptible species.


Doug Caldwell, extension agent, suggested not to waste money on inoculation of palms (not cost effective) but consider replacement with foxtail or Christmas palms which are less susceptible to diseases.  The inoculation program was $2,300 requiring frequent treatments and is not effective.  Gradually replacing the diseased coconut palms, as cost effectively as possible, may be a better option, although replacement with smaller trees may temporarily obstruct views.  Normally trees for replacement are 3 times wholesale cost, but Sandy may get significant professional discounts so that more trees can be replaced more quickly. In review, it was learned that our present coconut palms were collected, not nursery grown, and date from around 1980. 

The lime tree has been removed.  It was dead and they are high maintenance. It will be replaced by an ornamental.

Although generosity is appreciated, donating trees with plaques is not consistent with SSN policy.

Switched to New Guinea impatiens due to disease sensitivity of conventional ones; encouraged deeper mulch to hold moisture and prevent weeds. 

Checking out buying mulch wholesale.  

Noted that with more rain this year,  the normal dormant period during the "winter" has resulted in greener trees and grass. 

$4000 per year is budgeted for sod with problem areas to be replaced.

Hybiscus, however popular, are subject to mealy bug, scale and other insects and fungus.

Gardinias, also popular, are also disease sensitive.

Consideration to defer trimming the Ixora in the fall as blooms may hold most of the season.

Sprinklers are checked each month and changed to avoid walkways.

Planned removal of the gumbo limbo trees near the office for white fly/appearance and encroachment to the building. 

Remove crime tape from car wash area.

Plan - Price the replacement costs for coconut palms and develop more specific plan for  replacement schedule.

*Note, Marge Hawes, Don Capotorto requested to be removed from the committee.

Notes by Jim Kelly

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