595 Seaview Court

Marco Island, Florida 34145

Annual Board of Directors’ Meeting

January 13, 2015

Call to Order – President Arch Eccleston called the meeting to order at 10:00 A.M.

Roll Call/Determination of a Quorum – Directors present were Dave Forker SSE, Les Bonaguro SSE, RalphAvery SSNW, Bob Jayes SSNW, Arch Eccleston SSN, Bob Wolf SSN, Ed Dixon SSW and Dan Moll SSW.Rick Yacono and Chris Hubert represented Resort Management. Approximately 25 owners were also present.

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes – A motion was made by Dave Forker…”to accept the minutes of theNovember 18, 2014 meeting as written.” The motion was seconded by Bob Wolf and unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Dave Forker reported on the first six months of the year. The Operating fund balance atthe end of December was $93,618; the Reserve balance was $386,720.

Manager’s Report

• Rick Yacono reported the facility, landscaping, recreation court, marine facility and buildings, is in goodcondition.

• An immediate project on the tennis courts is to replace the lines on court 6 and install and test out newand improved sprinkler heads. This project will commence this week.

• SSC will continue to work with U.S. Tennis on some of the maintenance projects on the courts. Therewere challenges due to drainage and some other issues this season. The courts are all playable; howevermanagement is looking to improve the conditions of the courts. U.S. Tennis will be sending one of theirstaff members to work with SSC maintenance staff, possibly for a few hours on a weekly basis, to addresssome of the immediate concerns.

• Rick is working with U.S. Tennis on a plan to install trench drains next to the walkways between courts 1and 2 to alleviate the drainage issues.

• Rick developed a mission statement for the new SSC Master Plan Committee. Owners from SSN, SSEand SSW have volunteered to serve on the committee. Rick is still looking for a volunteer from SSNW.Once he has a full committee, a meeting will be scheduled.

Access Control Committee – Chuck Downton reviewed the minutes from the January 6, 2015 meeting. Amotion was made by Dave Forker…”to accept the report.” The motion was seconded by Bob Jayes andunanimously approved.

Marine Facilities Committee – Earle Olson reviewed the minutes from the January 8, 2015 meeting. Thecommittee recommended the Board engage SSC’s attorney to review the permit restrictions for drive-on docksand the process that would be required to add 10 feet to an existing 30-foot slip. A motion was made by DaveForker…to accept the report.” The motion was seconded by Les Bonaguro and unanimously approved.

Recreation Committee – Dan Moll reported on behalf of Committee Chair Mike Suttner. Dan presentedinformation on pickle ball courts and the possibility of a dual use court for both tennis and pickle ball. However,this may not be feasible on a Har-tru surface. Another possibility may be to convert one tennis court to a pickleball court. Dave Forker has requested a cost estimate from a company that builds courts.

Tennis Committee – Bobbi Foster reviewed the minutes from the January 8, 2015 meeting. Committeemember Billie Maine spoke to three areas requiring attention: drainage, irrigation, and court surface.

Architectural Review Committee – Chairman Frank Bonifacino shared the difficulty faced by committeemembers when addressing ARC applications received in the summer months when meetings must be held byconference call and are often difficult to schedule. Associations are encouraged to file their applications duringthe high season when committee members and owners are on-site. Chris Hubert will follow-up with a memo tothe Associations reminding them to consider the time of year when submitting an ARC request.

Unfinished Business - None

New Business

A. A motion was made by Dave Forker…”to not insure the guardhouse for flood insurance.” The motion wasseconded by Bob Wolf and unanimously approved.

B. Rick spoke on the staffing demands to maintain the amenities and common areas at a high level whenworking with an aging facility and more populated campus. Management plans to discuss the need forincreased maintenance hours with the Board.

Seating New Board Members – Arch Eccleston and Bob Wolf completed their term on the Board. Archrecommended the Board have an expert review the insurance policies on a yearly basis. Nils Ericksen and JayFisher were welcomed as the new board representatives from SSN. Les Bonaguro commented those who serve on the board need the support of residents and deserve their appreciation.

Election of Officers - A motion was made by Les Bonaguro…”to nominate the following slate of officers forthe coming year: Dave Forker, President, Dan Moll, Vice-President, Ed Dixon, Secretary and Nils Ericksen,Treasurer”. The motion was seconded by Ed Dixon and unanimously approved.

Comments from Owners

• Guenter Metsch, SSW, asked who authorized the installation of the pavers between the courts and whowas in charge of the supervision.

• Frank Bonifacino, SSE, suggested that in the future when the Board authorizes projects, they have a set ofplans outlining the scope of work and someone to follow-up to make sure the specifications are beingfollowed.

• Billie Maine, SSW, requested before the Board approves spending more maintenance dollars, they get aperson who has been thoroughly trained and knows how to take care of Har-tru courts.

• Bob DeWitt, SSW, asked the Board to commend Chris Hubert for the fine job she does scheduling andadministering the use of the tennis courts.

• Don Anderson, SSW, is enthusiastic about the idea of a master plan for Seaview Court. He questionedhow much SSC can mandate to the Associations.

• Sam Miloro, SSE, suggested the need for 3 maintenance staff based on the age and size of the property;one person for the tennis courts, one for the marine facility, and one for rest of the property.

• Ron Ries, SSE, complimented the Board for their foresight 5 years ago when they installed the dry storageracks. They are almost full at this time. He asked the board to review the slip lease rates for 2016 basedon the historical costs available from the past 5 years.

• Ed Dixon, SSW, asked Rick Yacono to have drawings and a plan going forward for any work on the tenniscourts and to keep the board up to speed on repairs and costs.

• Earle Olson, SSW, reminded residents that board members put in a lot of time and effort. SSC is fortunateto have volunteers; remember to appreciate them.

Next Meeting Date – The next Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 10th at 10:00 AM, location to be determined.

Adjournment – A motion was made by Bob Jayes…”to adjourn the meeting.” The motion was seconded by Ed Dixon and adjourned at 11:10 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Hubert

Recording Secretary

Message from Arch Eccleston…South Seas Club president!

After analyzing Front Gate access issues, we have become aware that most of the problems have been due to either owners not following procedures to properly authorize access to their guests/vendors or guests/vendors not prepared to offer the required information upon their arrival. I ask that you continually make your owners aware of the procedures (attached) and that you regularly remind them that the procedures must be followed - - - no exceptions! This will significantly help expedite guest/vendor flow at the Front Gate.

New: The South Seas Club Board has voted to authorize the sale of bar code stickers to renters who are in residence for at least seven days. Associations need to provide an expiration date based upon the renter’s departure date. This should also help to expedite traffic at the Front Gate, especially during heavy rental periods.

One more thing: Please continue to remind your owners that they need to provide gate keys to renters/guests for use of the beach walk gate and pedestrian gates at the front entrance.

Thank you for continuing to keep your owners aware of South Seas Club security procedures.

Arch Eccleston


Click below to download the South Seas Club BOD meeting minutes from 4/19/14

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Click below to download the South Seas Club BOD meeting minutes from 3/12/2014

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Click below to download the SS Club annual meeting minutes 1-14-2014

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To view the South Seas Club meeting minutes from November 19, 2013 in pdf, click below. 

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