It has been 18 days since Irma made a direct hit on Marco Island. The city is still littered with debris piles on every street. The city announced today that debris pick up will start tomorrow. 

Our beautiful Marco Island looks a little "sad" now with so much foliage missing from the trees and bare shrubbery. But, eventually, it will return to the paradise we know.

As the city still struggles with clean up, SSN is in fantastic shape considering the magnitude of the storm. George, Pablo and Cruz have done a masterful job.

We had 9 trees down from the storm. All have been sawed up and carted away. Yesterday, the stumps were ground down to grass level.

The debris that was all over our property has been carted away. The landscape company was even cutting the grass today!

Our buildings are clean and show no signs of splattered foliage or dirt. Some items like replacing lights and fencing will take a little longer.

While we did sustain a fair amount of roof damage on all of our buildings and carports, George has managed to have Crowther Roofing complete all emergency repairs already. These repairs will prevent any rain from getting through the roofs, but we may have some significant repairs in the near future.

One elevator in the mid-rise building has to have a costly repair due to storm water but George has already scheduled that.

Our two pools were filled with debris, but looking at them now, you would never know.  They look their typical pristine way.

Our insurance adjuster was already on site two weeks ago for an inspection. We have notified them that we will be making claims.

If you had any damage that George reported, you should call your insurance company to visit your condo and assess the situation. Insurance folks and vendors are being granted access to the property seven days a week.

I have seen many condo properties while touring the island , and none are in as good a shape as SSN, in such a short time. This is a testament to having our own on-site manager and to George's capable management and relationship with local vendors.

South Seas East lost both their chickee huts and had roof damage on a number of buildings. Unfortunately, they are nowhere near as cleaned up as SSN.

A number of units in towers 3 & 4  sustained significant damage. Fortunately, units in SSN by comparison had only minor damages, such as ripped screens, loss of lanai fans and a few broken windows.

On a sad note, our terrific maintenance man, Pablo, sustained significant damage to his home and possessions. He lives in a trailer park in Naples, and the roof blew off the trailer exposing his furniture and clothing to the wind and rain. Pablo has a large family, and while they were able to help with the clean up of SSN, it would be appropriate for SSN owners to now help them. Pablo does not have a checking account and it is difficult for him to cash a check. If you would like to give a donation to help Pablo, please send your contribution to George. You can send cash, or make a check out to George. George will cash the check and accumulate the  money and give it to Pablo as cash. Pablo has been a terrific asset to SSN, now let us show him how we can help.

Unless something significant happens, this will be the last SSN/Irma update. Many of you will be at SSN soon. While there still will be things that need to be done, please be patient and  look at all the positives that have been achieved. We will get SSN back to the beautiful place it was before Irma!

Friday afternoon update...September 15th...

Many owners are concerned about whether or not their A/C unit is working . George says that A/C units came  on automatically when power was restored. In the summer in Florida the power goes out periodically during storms. This just happened to be a bigger than normal storm, but all indications are that A/C and refrigerators all started functioning normally when the power was restored. In some units power came back on Wednesday afternoon, all  other units had power by Thursday, late morning.

The crew at SSN had a very busy week and the piles of debris that have been stacked up  by today's end indicates they are doing a super job. 

The contractor with the chain saws will be onsite Tuesday of next week.

Upon further inspection, George found our roofs really took a beating. Not only are many tiles missing, the flat roofs on portions of the mid rise have also been damaged. We will be doing some emergency repairs to the roofs where necessary. Crowther roofing is preparing estimates for this emergency work. Fortunately, any roof repair will be paid for out of the reserve account.

Gasoline lines are still very long . This has a compounding effect because contractors are stuck in those lines also and can't get to their destination.

Ft Myers airport (RSW) is open. Many businesses on Marco are still closed, but are gradually opening.

If you have a home watch service, you may want to call them to check your unit.  Although George did a unit by unit inspection, he had a lot to cover and it is possible he may have missed some areas where water could have seeped into your unit under the sliding glass door.

Hopefully you will enjoy this weekend a lot more than last weekend !

September 14, 2017 update.  See earlier updates below...

George,Pablo and Cruz, along with some members of Pablo's family are very busy cleaning up our piece of paradise . While the "big" stuff needs to be done by contractors, they are doing everything else to make SSN look like it did prior to Irma.

Power finally came back to the garden units and half of the midrise bldg yesterday afternoon. This afternoon the remainder of the midrise had power, so SSN is at 100%. 

One elevator is working but there are some mechanical issues with the second elevator.

George has contracted with someone to begin cutting and removing the fallen trees and large pieces of debris. He should be on site by Monday.

Hopefully, because of our long relationship with Crowther Roofing, they  will be on site early next week to address the roof tile situation.

Our Chickee hut is still standing, but we may have to do a little more that just replace the roof, which was scheduled to be done at the end of September.

Every owner that had even the slightest damage to their unit was personally contacted via phone yesterday and made aware of the damages. In units where glass was broken, George boarded up those locations to protect from rain and minimize the leakage of A/C cooled air. 

Owners who had some damage need to make their own arrangements with contractors to get those repairs made.

Some owners have been asking if anyone is available to clean out their refrigerator. While the power was off in SSN for 3 1/2 to 4 days, since the refrigerator door was never opened, spoilage should be minimal. However, some owners are still very concerned and want their refrigerator emptied. This is not a responsibility of our manager or the condo association ......HOWEVER, Pablo and his family members will perform this task after his normal work hours. Obviously, you should consider a monetary reward to Pablo for doing this. 

To control this process we need to set up a procedure, which will be as follows: If you want your refrig emptied, please send an email to me ( indicating your name & unit number, requesting that your refrig be emptied.  Understand ....EVERYTHING  will be discarded. We can not have Pablo trying to figure out what is good or bad. Soda, water, juice, condiments, food etc will ALL be discarded exceptions.  I will then coordinate this process with George, getting the information to Pablo .

The island is slowly recovering. Food is starting to be replenished  at the grocery stores, but ice is hard to come by. There are exceptionally long lines at the gas stations that have gas. George waited over an hour to fuel up yesterday.

I think Irma proved  how important it was to have owner's email addresses and phone numbers on file, so that we were able to communicate to owners. Those that have not supplied this information to George should rethink their reasoning for not supplying and get the information on file.

September 12, 2017 update...9:45PM (see postings below for previous updates)

We are trying to provide information to owners as fast as we can, and with as much detail as is available. Recognize however that the information you are receiving is coming directly from George's dedicated eyes on the ground, with the communications and postings from the board, who are thousands of miles away. With some of the questions coming back to us, owners are assuming board members are on site in Marco, and that is not the case.


George began his unit-by-unit inspections. This is a difficult process because it is just George doing it and with a flashlight! There is still no power on the island, although water service has come back. In between inspecting units, George is contact with insurance people and arranging for people to come in and remove the many, many trees that are down.


Broken tiles are all over the place and when they hit something hard they break into a million pieces. So cleanup is a big project!


In his unit-to-unit inspection, George is finding more damage than originally suspected.  Happily, all ground floor units (gardens and mid rise) escaped any water surge water on the floor in any of those units.


The storm shutters on four garden units were bent and twisted. These will be repaired by the condo association. All roof tiles blown off (and there were many) will be replaced by the condo association. Some lights on the ceiling of the mid rise walkways were broken and will eventually be replaced by the condo association.


Some minor damage to individual units has been identified on the unit-by-unit inspection. I know minor is a relative term, but compared to what could have been, these are minor damage issues.


Wherever damage has been identified, the unit owner will be personally contacted and given an explanation of the damage.  Owner contact will be a phone call and if no one answers, an email will be sent (provided we have the owner's email on file). This contacting of owners will begin Wednesday morning (9/13). If you are not contacted by tomorrow evening, then you can assume there was no damage to your unit.


Here are the types of damage identified:

1- lanai ceiling fans down or blades missing 

2- missing lanai screens

3- units with a window broken but no water in unit

4- sliding glass door leading to lanai is pushed inward off the track

5- some small amounts of water on the tile floor that leaked under the sliding doors

6- one sliding glass door was shattered 


I want to repeat, no significant amounts of water were found in any unit, but repairs will have to be made. All the above types of damage are the responsibility of the owner to get repaired. If you are notified of damage, you should contact your insurance company and have them inspect your unit.


I know every owner is anxious and wants information about their unit and what SSN's plan of action is. We are doing the best we can with limited resources under difficult circumstances, so please be patient. We will keep the communication flowing to help ease your minds.

September 11, 2017

George waited in line 1 1/2 hours to get onto the island.

He says Marco and all of Collier county is a disaster area.

Marco has many many treas and wires down. Debris is all over the place. There is no power or water service on Marco.

At SSN there is some significant common property damage. Many trees down or broken. A number of trees in the atrium of the mid rise bldg have been broken. Every building on our property has roof tiles missing. There are concrete roof tiles all over the place.

On a very quick walk around the outside of all our buildings, it appears there is no damage to individual units. He will make a more detailed inspection later. 

The fence around the dumpsters near the bicycle rack was blown over.

All cars parked in the parking lot appear to be okay. I don't think the surge was as great as anticipated (thank goodness).

Bicycles left in the rack also appear to be okay.

All of the new Foxtail palms recently planted along the east side of Seaview Court were blown over. 

Many of the wood telephone poles along 951 that carry the power lines are broken, which is probably why there is no power on Marco. 

George feels  it will  take a  long time for Marco and Collier to be cleaned up.

We will keep you informed as new information becomes  available.

Earlier post below...

I have spoken with George this morning. Although he planned to stay on the island and ride out the storm, he got concerned about the projected 15 foot surge and left the island on Saturday with his son and went to a safer place in Golden Gate.

Currently there is no power on Marco and no projection when it will be restored. There is a mandatory "boil water " standing order for those that stayed.

The bridges to Marco are also closed, so no one is allowed on the island at this time. Police and firemen are now doing a search and rescue on the island.

Since George cannot get to SSN we have no assessment to give at this time. We will keep you advised via our email system of communicating.

Please do not contact George directly .He has and will have his hands full when he gets back on the island.

He will inspect every unit. If there is any individual  unit damage you will be contacted personally.

I know it will be difficult, but please be patient. We will update you soon as we know something about SSN.

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© South Seas North Association
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